140.000 220.000

SOS Click



  • 4G LTE + 3G WCDMA + 2G GSM Networks.
  • 1.54 inch touch screen (240x240 dpi).
  • GPS, real-time tracking.
  • Measurement of Blood Pressure and Heart Rate.
  • Medication Reminder.
  • Geolocation, 5M GPS accuracy (open sky).
  • SOS alarm and call from the Button.
  • Bidirectional calls with dialing.

Easy to Use

By simply pressing the SOS Button on the right side of the Clock, the user will generate an alert, this will be sent to people who have associated their number in the Application, calls will be made from the first number to the last that has been configured, if no one answers, our Call Center will answer the call to attend to the Elderly.


With this device you will be able to perform Blood Pressure and Heart Rate checks on the Elderly, in addition you can configure alarms to remind you to take your medications.


From the Application, you can know the location of the Senior Adult online at any time, this location has a GPS accuracy of 5M (open sky).

Immediate Communication

The Older Adult will be able to receive and make calls to the numbers that have been configured in the Application. It also has an environment in which they can use the watch as a mobile phone.


CLP $220.000 + VAT / YEAR

  • Easy use for Older Adults.
  • Constant Geolocation of the Button.
  • Immediate communication between the Elderly and their relatives.
  • Total Accompaniment of the Elderly.
  • Button location history.
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